Hot racing actions!!!

Maximus oh'11 is in the books.

Looked like everybody had one of those
miserably good times, sweet. The mountain
is overloaded with water and parts of the loop
showed it. Felt bad for the 20' & 10's, missing
out on the sweet stuff that's up high in the 40.
That loop out across Ridge Rd to newly finished
Vista is some of the sweetest riding in Michaux.
That's gotta be such a fun loop to race around,
except for the lower Adam's county slummin',
that's some gnarly ickiness down there. And it
puts you in pretty deep hole to climb up out of, ouch.

lots of hollow faces coming into the finish chute.
lots of respect out to all ya'll, hell of a ride you
put in..sorry about the rain, sorry about the
running water, it's out there no matter where
you go in the forest right now...should make
for good fishin' come July....will probably hit
some of the trails 'one more time' to see how
they fared. Another 3/4" of rain in the forecast,
imagine things will mend right back together....

J. Po. on RiceRocks! and thru the dippty-doh..

Ed is a smart man.

Churtle lines it up.

Only a witnessed two of these...

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brett said...

that dippity-doh is a hairy thing. visions of face planting into the doh part.