13 hours....

it's a fucking disgrace,
the lack of respect the
human race has for our
little blue spaceship,
hurtling thru the Universe.

fuck me, we're toast.


and to add on....because I've got few in me...found this in the comments...

“Dave Cesark of Mesa Energy in Grand Junction said the risk isn’t zero, but fracking has been used safely for decades."

Riiiiiiiight.....and it probably has been, for all they can tell under the dpeths of the ocean or out in the deserted plains of TX and CO. But as they seek out this ever more scarce 'resource', they encroach closer and closer to the environs we all live in....so yes, the statement is lawyerly true, but reaks of bullshit when put to the smell test. They are now drilling in folks's backyards, they are poisoning our water. They aren't out in some isolated locale with neighborly tumbleweed rolling by or thousands of feet deep where bioluminescence ain't just groovy, it's a fact of life.

13 fucking hours to fly in a response crew for TX??? Our state is so fucked unless something changes. The fines for violations are absurd compared to profit potential...the fucking bookies have that all figured out, cost to benefit baby. When the penalty is a margin call for that single location, the corporate conglomerate is happy to take that hit in order to maximize the ratios at the 134 wells that luckily didn't blow out.

But this goes beyond statistical anomaly. Look at the fucking watershed...it all drains into the Chesapeake, it's the lay of the land. Think about everybody downstream.....we moved to PA when I was 4. Grew up fishin' the Susky, smallies around the Accomac, Walleye near those scarey power plant walkways, catfish and Long Level and shad below the big dam, Otter Creek and it's history. It's all downstream from all of these incidentsess. And coming from Illinois, my Dad didnt like the taste of the fish out of the river...'they taste dirty....' he'd say. And compared to IL farm ponds and lakes, they probably were. Fish are products of their environs...and I'm sure the Susky downstream of Harrisburg in the late 70's/80's wasn't the most pristine habitat. Never heard him say that about the perch and bluegills out of the Project 70 lake we fished every spring...just an observation....as long as they were fried & salty and there was ketchup, I was content. Though I can't imagine eating a fish out of that river today....

And as to the bottom line, for the 'markets' it's a margin call on one out of how many? But add up those ones that are spread here and there everywhere, all of those 'isolated incidents', and look at what all is downstream.....

Am I just bitchin', or have any actual ideas???

yeah, here's a thought.

tax and regulate the fuck out of them!!!! Fucking tax the fuck out of 'em to cover the cost of thoroughly watching their asses, make 'em post up for damage caused to the common interest, to the common place...to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania/.

so yeah, fucking tax the fuck out of 'em....and if they wanna keep on keeping on and continuously record new profit records seemingly every other quarter, then let 'em charge us 10-15-20 fucking dollars a gallon or whatever Natural Gas is measured by..(I'm all electric w/ kerosene buffer here in Tomitown), no idea what gas is going for...then make us fucking pay the real cost of these extractive industries, and we'll see how quickly attitudes change.....

Yeah, so tax the fuck out of 'em, let 'em jack the prices to keep teh margins intact, and see what the 'market' has to say about that. ?Make them fucking pay the real extraction cost of not just the raw good, but also of the long term degradationa and an assumption of risk for when shit hits the fan......mistakes do happen, the shit does go thwap thwap thwap thru the blades of the fan. Nothing can be foolproof, but make 'em pay up front to assume their risk instead of leaving it on us to clean up their mess, common sense. The drill/well goes well?....then here's that part of your deposit back.

And make us pay too, at the pump, when the heating bill arrives, make us bleed even more for your % profit margin....and then maybe more of us might wake up, and then maybe 'the market' will begin demanding the new technologies that Obama and every single "Year 2000" article from the '50s on tells us about. Solar? yeah I remember learning how to cook a hotdog in the '80s, then we got a microwave. Wind? yeah, ever see pictures of Holland? That shit's medieval and we still don't have it dialed???? Guess there just ain't no money in it. I mean shit, how can you hold the wind hostage?

I mean, jesus fucking christ, I think the Model T got the same gas mileage as my CR-V.....yeah, ok, now I can go faster, and have AC and stereophonic sound...but at what cost?

At what cost.. ?


huber said...

It's only proper that our cuntry ends where it began. Everbody already buys there water at Walmart, so who needs water in nature? Animals? They do nothing for politicians. Fucking frackers! Fucking "American Way!"

Anonymous said...

The blowout well was being drilled by Chesapeake (ironic?), who is in my opinion a pretty poor operator. They got in early and stupidly leased the hell out of northeast PA. Now that these leases are getting close to expiration, they are drilling wells as fast as they can. When that happens, shit goes wrong (e.g. gulf spill). On top of that, their operations are being run by their army of recent grads who have no industry experience. I can attest to this first hand from the interaction that I've had with their geologists and engineers and the all around chauvinistic attitude their employees have. They are, on the other hand, bringing a ton of money into local economies (Williamsport is booming), but at what cost. I agree with establishing a severance tax, as do most of the companies. Contrary to what you might think, the better companies in the play aren't slipping money into Corbett's pocket to keep a severance tax at bay, they are actually working with the legislators to establish a tax that will support industry presence and create state profit.

Just a side note - most electricity here comes from coal - arguably worse than gas.

Mark said...

The issue I see is that this is Pennsylvania's Natural Resource. Of course it takes a powerful business to do the drilling, but these international energy giants reap all the profits from the resource, while some local enconomy's may be improved, as a hole our state is operating at a deficit and the governor, is propusing huge cuts in Education along with many other services like Health Care. We also allow Ny city to dump it's trash in our fills. The people as a entity do not profit and in the long run when these companies decide to go else where, where does that leave Pennsylvanians.