staycation week.

damn, this is what I needed.
been unplugged for more
than few, feels good. did
the mtn bike guide thing
over the wknd, getting paid
to pedal is a pretty sweet gig.
thnx Bucky & Ralph.

saw a lizard up along Vista.

and been doing some fishin'
here and there, daytrippin',
looking for streams that
aren't blown out, plenty of
rain this year, that's for sure.

pedaled thru the woods too,
got a new tire up front, the
fresh edges sure are grippy.

got home from the Little J
late last night, noticed branches
and shredded bits laying about
the streets....daylight revealed
the extent. Ma Nature did quite
a job on the neighborhood.

I was waist deep sippin' a beer,
waiting on the evening sulphurs
when this all went down, barely
got rained on where I was..

Four more days, plenty of
pedaling and a bit more
fishin' on the agenda.

1 comment:

mark said...

mama nature sure has been a little wicked this year.