went fishing on Saturday, Penn's.
Bigger water than I'm used to.
Didn't fish long, was really up
in that neck of the woods to
pick up a new toy in Coburn.
So, was just getting a feel for
the stream, getting acquainted
for future visits...ie, didn't catch
shit. New rod is pretty damn sweet
though, 6' 3wt.

And yeah, I actually rode a bicycle
again on Sunday, it was a grand old
time. 10+ group with those usual
energies involved. Some chomping
of bits, a few trailside repair clinics
and a bit of out of shape slacker slum
mixed in, get used to it Mr. Fisherman.
All in all, a pretty decent day.

Lots of new trail ridden. Some of it
on the grid, some of it not so much,
I love Michaux.

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