hello Jack!

mmmm, Jack Frost,
celeberatin Ullr's
seasonal visitation.

Amazing good vibes
as usual, reconnecting
with long lost friends
that haven't been seen
in years, months or
a day it seems....It
all melds together.

short story: cook chili.
commute, late lunch
arrivee' at the IceBox,
settle in, catch up with
mates. They pedal, I go
for a ski. Ski up to Bald
and explore 'tl dark:30.

Sample a hoppy beverage,
PoTLUCK! Full belly, friends,
laughs, smiles, catching up,
the Shot ski, then just roll
with the vibe. Barry's Wurld,
Other Wurld, Bonfire, Shot Ski!!
Gary's Wurld, the new Yurt
and Sauna House too, and
dance party in the lodge, if
all the live mtn jammin bands
ain't enough and more new
friends and familiar catching
up good vibe of everybody
hearing the call of Ullr's breath
across 'that damneded 50deg
lake Erie.'

or something, wow.
it was snowing when I left...

then purge the system
with a welcome back to
cold Sunday tour. Felt good
to be cold, a good reminder
to not fuck around out there,
Been a while since I've dealt
with freezing gloves. Qwik
reality check to not fuck
around with old man winter.

Skied the leathers. Snow was
thin over warm recently rain
soaked ground. So out and
about kickin' & gliding for
scenery & quiet and systems
checking, easing back into
it, ya know? good times.


Chili said...

We're envious! Drooling, of course... can't wait to visit the grass again.

brett said...

lookin' forward to NYE down there!