another dimension

man, and there it is.

there's that spark that
lights it up. change of
plans, commute on Friday
instead of early am. Thaw
out the IceBox, literally, oh
how I love my 0 deg down,

Sluggishly roll into the WG lot
8am-ish, first car there and
here I thought I was running
late...gear up the big 4buckle
plastic, figuring on a solo day
of skinnin' & chasin' turns..

when who should appear?
Mumbles, Maynario & Jason.
That's trouble..a lightly twisted
arm and i was switching out to
the leathers and playing lets make
a deal with Chipper for some
new 3pin love.

man oh man oh man!!!!

so, we go out on tour, run
into good buds up on the
Knob, it's a WV Night Club
celebration!, best of luck
LB!, and then off we go into
the enchanted forest.

mmmmm, freshies.

Man, I'm diggin' the new kit.
Finally got a ski that's an
incredible match for the
leathers. Light, nimble and
incredibly stable when you
let 'em run....fun, fun, fun
out in the open, tree skillz
are still a step behind though.

damn, enough words, we got out
there, and it sucks to be back.

Great tour with the Rocktowners
and a silly fun hot lap of Fern Gully
with Chaga & Adam to finish the

Sunday was another good ski,
but on tired legs with many a
humbling episode. Great tour
of some of the frontside with
housemate Abe. Amazing how
tracked out it is, word is out
I guess..

Found a pretty groovy rythmn
for a bit on the main slope
finish, Anita's alternate for
a bit of softness...but, ugh,
the viddy don't lie:

i've got a lot of work to do....
I'm seeing a good bit of ridin'
the cow
in my future, back
to square 2..


Sajkovich said...

Another Dimension....Another Dimension!

brett said...

You stick around, I'll make it worth your while!

Nice shots--looking forward to getting down there.

Anonymous said...

Nice pics tomi! I miss the shire. Just mounted up my Guide's that were still in plastic a few days ago, stoked to get out on the relic Karhu's.