the early season.

so, we work our way over to CVSP slopes
for a qwik gravity poach. Find very turnable
snow, but it's just enough, watch your hands
if you go down. Use finesse to make the arcs
or you're churning up leaves and grass. But
its smooth and consistent...

Get into a good groove, link up
a bit of floaty feeling schuss, let
them dogs run, square up to pre
jump a water bar, skis go pop,
landing is smooth, lay into a big
carve to shut it down and hear Mike
hollering SKI!..Ski! Ski!!!!.....

huh, whut?
Fuck yeah I'm skiing!!


huh, whut? yeah, I look down.
yeah I still have both skis on my
feet, didn't think I'd lost one, but I'm
kinda warped right now, so maybe I
did kick a shoe..


look down again, yeah, I'm good....
oohh, whut?

Finally look back over my shoulder
see a solo ski sliding down the slope
and into the trees...



Ohhhhh, Mumbles just learned
about flipping that G3 heel piece
up out of tour mode when it's time
to go down ze mounTain....kicking
a shoe sucks, but is often good for
a laugh...good times.

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