where the fuck am I?

this is a strnage place,
in between seasons with
no real forward looking goal or achievement on the tic list. I mean, I do have rides to ride, rides I want to ride, rides I want to get done. but none of them are of the racing genre. I just need to be in decent enough shape to get thru 'em. This is a wierd place to be in mid-March. my ride tally since Jan 1 is a handful of spins to the [ost office/beer shop/errands around town and one, 1, siingle road ride last week for 1:20.

but, that doesn't mean I'm fat n out of it, quite the opposite I found. Since I rode the road bike, I also stood on the scale, again, first time since Jan 1...and, shockingly, I'm at summer weight right now in the here and now, hmmm, what's that mean? At most, it means I wasn't lazy this winter, for a change. Finally broke the 40 day ski season, phenominal year! fuck yeah. looking at the og, I only hit Roundtop 15ish times, Whitetail once. 20ish at WhiteGrass Icebox nirvana, and a handful schussing around our local hills, coulda, shoulda snuck in more local nighttime XC...those days of travel left me spent & occupied for chasing the afterwork dragons, lots of gear shuffling and recovery going on during those school nights.

so now what...I dunno, feeling it out, no huge motivator to push me out into it head on for the ramp up to the season. banter already tossed about about the spring race, course loop layouts, scouting missions...shit, I just need to start riding first...that ride last week though, yeah, it. was. money. qwik roadie spin on Rocinante', so sweet, so tight. no queasiness along the white line, over shoulder traffic checks, and still solid on track, no sway or veer. balanced awareness from the skis translates...

meh, whatever, fuck it,
here's a bit of poem:

The alphabet of
the trees

is fading in the
song of leaves

the crossing
bars of thin

letters that spelled

and the cold
have been illuminated

pointed green

by the rain and sun-

-William Carlos Williams,
from "The Botticellian Trees"

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