a qwik thanks.

out surfing the webz,
stumble across this
on a political site...

Secretary of Trans Blog

Soooo, just wanna say
thanks, a huge, HUDGE!!,
thanks to all you fellas
and ladies out there on
the advocacy front lines.

Times are a changing,
shake a hand, a pat
on the back, buy your
advocate friend a beer
for doing the work
that benefits all of us
two wheeled lovers.

Thanks everybody!

From the DOT press release:


Increased commitment to and investment in bicycle facilities and walking networks can help meet goals for cleaner, healthier air; less congested roadways; and more livable, safe, cost-efficient communities. Walking and bicycling provide low-cost mobility options that place fewer demands on local roads and highways. DOT recognizes that safe and convenient walking and bicycling facilities may look different depending on the context — appropriate facilities in a rural community may be different from a dense, urban area. However, regardless of regional, climate, and population density differences, it is important that pedestrian and bicycle facilities be integrated into transportation systems. While DOT leads the effort to provide safe and convenient accommodations for pedestrians and bicyclists, success will ultimately depend on transportation agencies across the country embracing and implementing this policy.

Ray LaHood, United States Secretary of Transportation

1 comment:

Raineman said...

Kudos to the words spoken by teh Trans. Sec.. Naturally the "anti-anything that changes the current flow of money" lobby will vilify the notion. And then good things will happen anyway, and all we have to do is tolerate the 'corporate voice-over politicos' vilify as anti-American.
Works great for me.