west wind

out the door, to the street
feel it on the cheek, warm
nip of breeze, catching your
attention out in the open fields.

hello my friend, my mentor,
will you help wipe the brain
clean of thought today?
will you sternly remind
me that it's about circles?
not squares. will you allow
me to dance with you, now
and thru these long blustery
spring days as I find my stride?

Will I find that soothing tempo
winddance spin again? early
gumption meets reality, just
settle in, settle in and realize
that here, now, that the legs
aren't there, here, yet. not
here, now, to work yourself
into that pain denying solitary
thoughtless focus.

realize that here, now, these
are the days to get lost in
thought, and as usual, it's
gonna take a few of 'em to
figure out this goofy waltz,
days, thoughts, always does,
out there working with my
mentor, the wind.

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Nevada said...

Tomi - you posts are very enjoyable.