yeah, it was pretty sweet.

this year I've been hearing that
I sure do get an early start relative
to other 'cross country skiers...'

but, if you don't get there early,
then you might miss these moments.

the longer you're out there,
the more you'll see.

the more you'll do.

chase pow with a friend one day.

go on an exploratory walkabout
with others on the next.

take it to the far out places.

day turns into night,

find wisdom on the wall.

morning pick me up,
start it off right.

what's new is the old new again,
quite humbling on the down.

don't forget to look around.

because it went blue,

deep, deep, deep blue.

mind numbing in every direction.

WhiteGrass, where you can get
a cookie as big as your face!

great seeing all ya'll,
you know who you are.
full set of pics on the SMug.


camps said...

Nice air on the vimy

Chili said...

holy hell those sunday shots are sweet. They are award winning. Wow. It was a beauty of weekend. I think the Weisers are hooked!

dougyfresh said...

This made my day. Go shred some more pow pow!