feeling good again.

that was an interesting spell,
good to step back and recogniz.
realize that it's been game on
since Jack Frost, 6-7weeks of
trying to be 'on it.' long wknds
of stacked long tours, not feeling
like i've slept in my own bed
since before Christmas.

A wknd at home was on tap.
Ignore the corn harvest happening
up in the valley and hit the local
hills with friends, roll down to
WhiteTail with OMW & Bender,
hook it up with Lars for the day,
good times were had. take an
earlyish break for refreshments
and shedding, then ski thru the
rush of freshly honed ski school
experts until the lunch break thins
the lift line.

Try to ski like a hero in the
mostly hero snow, find that
groove once again and billy
goat the edges, make the
most of the techy narrow
challenge, it's just p-tex.

Forget about making the
'proper' turn, and just make
the turn on instinct, ski a line
that doesn't give you the option
of mid motion analysis, hit it
where focused execution is the
only option, challenge yourself
and get your head back in the
game...you've got this.

success! and feel the mood lift,
ski once again like you know how
and every thing else will fall into
place, simple as that, once the
confidence is back....qwik pre rain
ski back at the home mountain this
morn. Good to see all the familiar
faces are still out and gettin' after at.
felt a bit like a stranger, last time
I skied RT on a wknd was, uhmmm,
Christmas wknd maybe? Fun runs
for a couple hours, then there was
mist on the goggles, the sign to run
errands and settle into a lazy Sunday
of afternoon chores, like blogging,
and other important shite.


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