oh 10!

what can I say? One of the best calender reboots I've had in a while. Ran down to the IceBox in the sketchy 30deg drizzle Thursday eve, unloaded and was settled in & catching up with housemates by 10. Hit snow at Mt Storm as usual and lived in a cloud for the next three days, only hazy subtle shadows on occasion on the southern exposures, otherwise socked in and reveling in it, watching the roadside cornices grow.

fire, friends, celebration, revelry, good good times.

then out for a 'quik New Year's ski'....'til 2am. Great way to ring in the New Year, what a celebration..

Friday, solo epique on Mt Porte Crayon. Found some incredible stuff, scenery, glades that'll blow your mind, frozen waterfalls and a 2hr low angle false flat, semi-technical approach/slog in order to just get anywhere near where the climb begins...I have a hunch to follow though, more later, and the snow will get better. Skipped the night ski in favor of warm couch cocoonage, ahhh.

Saturday, head with housemates to tour around WhiteGrass, it's cold, official high for the day was 5deg I think. We cruised around out there for about 6 1/2 hours, I love my new jacket, I love wool kit. We played in the Wilderness boundary lands, listening to the wind, and trying to stay out of it for the most part. Found great snow in the usual stashes, awesome to see Churtle so stoked after some turn linkage, good times. Night ski didn't feel cold at all and it was the first one where we didn't get lost, although I'm not sure anybody actually knows where we went...

Sunday morn, 0deg, -25 windchill, no rush other than beat the masses and quietly try on new boots...mission accomplished & hook up w/ Misty and Churtle for a fun ski in the 1deg rapidly moving air. Sweet tour on the groomers and singletrack to the top before cruising the trees back to the main slope, figuring out the new Crispi's, different for sure. One and done on that giddyup, leather no match for the Guides combined with my feeble skillz, time for a chili break...then back out on the big Bros & skins for a hot lap on Roundtop...that was skeeetchy, good tune up for the drive home though, pleasant enough commute once down off the plateau. Now it's reverse gear shuffle, tune and sort for next wknd, see what Ullr brings.

Beyond on that, I can't thank SuzySue enough for the IceBox invite, what an incredible group of people to be a part of and to call friends, what more can one say? Thanks everybody, Happy New Year, here's to O-10!


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

brett said...

You know, you have to admit, you have a pretty nice life.

Tomi said...

I have few complaints. =)

Travis said...

He'll tell ya' the complaints if you send him a few Magic Elfs. Nice pics McMillar. I'm not jealous,...but definitely living vicariously. Have a drink on El Nino and your god Ullr!