went for a ride

and it was a lot of fun.
explored a bit, found some
challenges, discovered a bit of
history and finished with
well earned shwoopyness
thru bulbous green glowing
moss and right in front of your
nose spines of benched love.

another six hours rolls on by.

and for the record, that hike a
bike was 912ft in .66 miles,
according to the gizmo..

nice work, gents.


Travis said...

I missed another good one. I still had a great day, just not a long enough leash.

Tomi said...

you woulda loved the hike a bike..we'll get you beyond the bounds of Meeshow sometime.

Anonymous said...

That hike a bike was the most brutally devised torture ever. Oh sweet mother of gawd make it stop. This coming from someone who knows a thing or two about torturing people. Vengeance McMillar, methinks? "I'm not sure where this goes...let's just try it out...blah, blah, blah" I'll tell you where it goes you douchebag, THE SEVENTH FUCKING PLANE OF HELL that's where. And yes, I'm yelling, didn't have the strength to yesterday. At least two forced stoppages for recovery before pressing on. Don't believe it, you say? Take a look at the digital evidence, paying close attention to the multiple layers of expectorant clinging to Pedro's grim visage long after the murderous ascent in question had been put paid to. Proof enough, dare I say.....

mattchew said...

goddam you guys and your free time :D

Anonymous said...

Nuttin' is free, bookworm.

brett said...

sounds like someone oughta go ride with some trail sanitizers.