season of meh.

mood went sour,
with it, health.

rolled thru a head cold thing,
not the swine, just a touch of
miserable sinus-ness.

deep into the off season, riding
the shoulder swell, teased by Ullr
and lingering tastes of IndianSummer.

leaves are down, perfect time to
inspect federally protected babyheads.
not sold on the Alfine, definitely not a
just give 'er piece of gear.

break out the Jabber to keep honest,
continue to flirt with the internal style
see if it fits, I think it will for the
desired use...time will tell, tired of flats
though, gotta set up the tubeless.

and I'm waiting, and waiting and waiting.
waiting for winter now that Autumn is on
the downslope. leaves coming down,
daylight savings on the way. I know,
sac up, get used to the darkness, revel in it.

recently splurged on two pairs of new
to me ski sticks. gearwhoring at it's finest
prices were right, cheap, trying different
ranges of the spectrum, learn more about
skis if anything else.

first in the door is the Atomic Telledaddy.
Stupid fat for everyday use around here,
99 under foot, but pretty fuckin' stiff, burly.
'That's a man's ski' Stubbie says, he ain't kidding.

Then a pair of Jaks should be here tomorrow.
Not sure how much life is left in 'em, but should
give me an idea of how I like the ride and be a
perfect skinnin' ski for WV, O1's included.

Also got skins w/ the TD's, which will also fit the
Jaks, combined w/ the Bro's, makes for a
loaner set for when we get buried this year.

right? we are gonna get buried this year?
this is the year, right? please.

pretty please.
it's been awhile.

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BUCK said...

Got out with the dog in the park last night to actually test the old battery. The dog burned out first @ 1:40 elapsed. LIghts still on.

Bring on the night!!