my thoughts.

should I post this?

huh, huh, I was just trollin'.
weak. you got something
to say, fucking say it, wah,
wah fucking wah.
respect others work as
they respect yours.
it's not about ownership,
it's about respect.

some things are meant to be
flowy smooth(ish) love, some things
are meant to challenge you every step
of the way. these are just paths we're
following, because there is no actual
trail construction in the MSF. We follow
hunter's paths, fisherman's paths, deer
paths, and we put names on them, where
they go, who found them, their personalities.
and we respect the hand that mother
nature deals us in our travels thru the
forest. it's about respecting the discovered

it's a shame that we have this much
time and energy to squabble over
this shit, and never enough to see
any actual advocacy happen.

at least the jersey's are swell.

and yeah, I'm a childish hypocritical
asshole, whatever. here's to mother
nature, and good beer.


Todd said...

This seems to be a reoccurring issue up there. Why? Can't people simply leave the trail as intended?

brett said...

we're obviously a bunch of backbiting, infighting, prima donna, thin-skinned, self-important dipshits, that's why.