stand up.

simple as that.
just stand up.
stand up when
you're ready.

post event recovery, when do you know?
when do you know when it's been absorbed?
when is it time to dig again?

come down from the high mtns inspired,
not broken down. the mentality is intact,
but gotta heed the sensations. Tap into it
here and there, poke and prod, systems checking.

first is finding simple comfort in the
saddle, waiting for the pedal stroke
to return to normalcy. back onto
skinny tires after a short hiatus, watch
the numbers and see how they mesh
with tempo perceptions. not yet, not yet,
then the suppleness returns after a spin
or two, or three.

next, the raw power reveals itself,
finding it in the seated efforts, no
reason to stand, there's no need, just
churn it out from the seated perch,
tap into the foundation.

standing takes effort, full body
engagement, transferring energy
into the drivetrain not simply via
the legs but using leverage from the
arms, connected thru the core, it's all
tied together.

standing takes effort, if you're gonna
stand, make the expenditure worth it.
don't just stand and let gravity feed you
into the down stroke, stand up and deliver.

it's the last piece of the puzzle.
stand up and deliver. dance boy,
dance on the pedals with snap and vigor.

when there's an answer to those desires,
the time is here. found it again over the
wknd, stand up in order to throw down.
time is now, or so it seems.

Saturday is sure gonna be fun!

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