feeling it.

was hoping I'd see a copy of
this picture, thanks Jasen!

there's way more than 1000
words in this shot....top
of Wheeler Pass.
(moment captured by Liam)


mike said...

That just about sums it up!

Anonymous said...

Much respect for what you accomplished in Breckenridge. On that punishing rigid fixy no less.


Danielle said...

Hey, it was awesome seeing you during one of the stages at Breck. Completely random...but awesome!
Good job. The trails were awesome, but they were also some of the hardest riding I have ever done!

Anonymous said...


You are also pictured in the latest edition of Velonews, right in the middle of the magazine in a story about Epic MTB races. Nice job. It has long been my dream to be pictured in Velonews. And there you are in all of your fixed gear splendor, smack dab in the middle of two geared riders.

Good Joerb!

Anonymous said...

Back in the pile!

Anonymous said...

You are a rock star...