back in the box

On it again, weary bones and muscles absorbing the lessons of Breckenridge. A week of meh, of doubt, of wondering about the effects. How much time will it take to feel normal on the bike again? Spend the week after probing, prodding, a couple rides here and there, just to make sure it was all used up, satisfy suspicions. Disjointed fixy effort in southern Meeshow had me reaching for a freewheel by the weekend, time to reboot.

Saturday finds me w/ staple gun and arrows. Intentions to mark a race course, then ride out a full pull of the 40 once my sektor is done. Arrows hung, a ripping YellowHill descent, then pulled the plug climbing back out, head just not in it. Funny though to look at small challenges, little ups & grunts along the way that I can, and do, power right up, 'you got that, oh yeah.' But that is it, nothing sustained, nothing beyond 3minute shots, not yet willing to open the door and creep back into the pain cave. Maybe open it a crack, let in some light to look at the mess I left inside....make a list, lots of straightening up to do.

Sunday race day was a blast, snapping pics, working the finish, heckling...step back from the front lines, recharge. Hardest step sometimes is the one that takes you out the door. Procrastinating the roll out, don't want to pedal thru mush, want to have some snap, tired of being tired. Finally kit up and on the skinnies last night. Roll from town and a sneaky tailwind assist puts me on the 20+mph silent smooth spinning magic carpet ride. These are the sensations that put the mind at ease, that make it easy to step back into the quiet place. Open 'em up on some rollers, then an actual concerted effort up the hill, breathing hard. Look at the clock at the bottom, look at the clock at the top, hmmmmm... within a dozen seconds of a p.r. Guess the recovery has gone well, back to fine tuning.

101? bring it, bitches.

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