year in review?

ya know, I'm not really interested in doing a yearly review thing. Thought I was, but I'm not. I've gone thru my mental tally of my top rides of the year, thinking of the ones that stick out and why. But that's for me, not really for you. sometme in Feb I'll tally up the training log, it'll be probably be about 10% more than the previous year's, whatever that means. I will say though, that if I had to pick two standout rides for me last year, on the road it'd be the solo BSRR'07 and the 101 on the mtn bike. I imagine that the reasons why vary greatly from the initial write ups, but like I said, not really for you.....

Instead, I'm going to throw up one of my most favorite pictures. 'cuz it tells a better story of where I'm at in the here in now and where I'm looking to wanna go from here.....or something.

(Hopefully you can click on the pic to enlarge, it seems random...)

dammit, click here for a big version

This is the start of the 101 in '03, originally shot with a point-n-shoot onto b&w film. Taken from a tailgate with Mumbles mumbling behind my right shoulder, moments before the motos fired and 3, 2, 1 began. I have this picture blown up to 8x10 and hanging on the wall. I pull it down every so often and comb thru the details.

Getting lost in it, first I recognize all of the familiar faces in their old kit, then the not so familiar faces and then the different mindsets and emotions that you go thru at the start of something big begin to emerge. Bit chomping adrenaline, calm confidence, vacant stares, cocky aloofness....and everything tinted with a tinge of nervous fear.

It's the start of a new year and time to start writing a fresh chapter.

Where do we go from here?


Anonymous said...

I check out this picture every time I'm at your place.

I rolled up to the starting line of this race ready to throw down and killed it all the way to the finish. I can still remember lying in my tent that night with my legs still twitching from one of my hardest efforts ever. Thanks for the memory.

Kaptain Phucko said...