The Holidaze is always an experience.
Lots of goings on, pulled in one
direction or the other. Nerves are
raw and worn out from all of the
interaction, ya'll may have picked
up on that. Finally thru it all and time
to let out a sigh and take a step back.

Reflecting on the year off and on.
The expected quiet time to shuffle
and arrange the thoughts is welcome.

Psyched to work regular riding back
into the sched and really start digging
in again, but also looking forward to the
change of pace some skiing will bring,
looks to be another 'get it while
you can' type season.

Which is fine, the cog project looks good,
enough pre-orders to support the start up
batch, then should be self sustaining after
that. A hard push thru the next couple weeks
to cover the initial rush, then we'll see.

NUE here I come!

More later......

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