enjoyable time of year.
slacking, no agenda to the ride
other than trying to avoid the slum
and keep the weight off.
Dos is refurbished, complete
tear down, new rings and freshy
fresh oil into the Reba. Now
stretched to 100mm.
Also got the new rear shock,
decent warranty service from
the boys at Salsa. And the gearing
experiment was short lived,
stripped off the shifty bits,
back onto the magic 32:19.
Also ordered up a new flat bar,
extra fork height means higher
bar setting, current riser is as
low as it gets, will be trying out
the Pro Moto next week. Now's
the time to experiment.
Hopeful for a night sesh tonight,
batteries charging, damp and cool
forecast for tomorrow, who knows
what Sunday will bring.....

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Jason said...

Glad you got your Relish going. I had never really heard of any shitting the bed. Glad they helped you out though. They've always been good to me too.