clean slate

hmmm, so here we are again, bottom of the curve.

Turkey Wknd = four splendid days of riding, even out on the road bike for a few hours in the mid-hi 30's on Saturday. Somewhere in this grey hazy spell between late October and the gift giving time, the next season begins. Judging from the dizzy efforts and aborted summertime length routes, I'm gonna say that all of last year's fitness has finally faded, leaving behind the blissful memories and a hunger for more. Calibrated the cool weather roadie kit, the new booties are tits, now just need to sac up, grit the teeth and start turning post work pedals again.

Motivation is the hurdle, what's the mind game to get out the door? Out into that raw darkness with just blinky LEDs for protection..... Right now, it's to simply get ready for ski season, get these old knees ready for a few months of tele rippin'. A few weeks of prep work for what will hopefully be a solid couple months of weeknights spent at the gym and wknds chasing freshy fresh love driftlines around WhiteGrass. Bookend those sessions with a complimentary ride or two and that's the programme thru February.

good times ahead.

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Fxdwhl said...

Without my commute home I'd have a hard time draggin my ass outside after work this time of year.

Outdoors always trumps indoors though.