ya know, I have a lot of big ideas bouncing around the neurocircuits right now, it's that time of year. dream big, then be realistic come January. today was to be a 5-6hr phatty from the von Gettier estate. we rode very little filler and verified the best direction of flow on the camp trails. got spanked while taking Abby from behind and limped into Jake's backyard with a splendidly chilling shutdown 5 minutes out.

when you know that you're home, when you come down off the edge and think towards recovery, and then suddenly you're chilled, the furnace is shutting down and the bonk monster just tapped you on the shoulder.

uhhhhm, excue me, sir.....

the dizziness ain't from the holidaze celebrations or knot untieing ss efforts, it's from a quality systemsfadetoshutdown-microbonkedzombieslum that reminds you that summertime is a longlonglong, long ways off.

and it's an uphill climb from here on out.

nice bike, bargain bin?

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