square 1.53

7gels, 2clif bars, $20, 2bottles, scouted route to shake things down. Roxbury/274/New Germantown/follow 75-ish to 74south up over Tuscarora & Waggs. Clockwise loop maximizes refuel locations...after the big climb, not right before, but backloads the climbing...Wagg's at the century mark? perfect. Shiny new hoops on the road machine shod with fresh Conti 25's, along with select carpet fibres to take the edge off have really livened up the ride....and I've got all day, the weather looks prime, so why the hell not? Let's see if the Garmin battery lasts longer than that damn phone ever did.

not sure how many squares there are, exactly.
but I feel like I'm a good step on the way out of
Square One, finally.  Square zero sucked, that
was about a month ago, which was around
500ish miles, having been bitten off in big,
quiet, solitary chunks.

Odo on the road bike read 1231 yesterday, when
it got swapped for the fancy Garmin gizmo. That's
from when new, but add 65ish for the 'demo ride'
I took before writing the check....420 is where we
started this spring, so 1420 is the door to SqRE 2,
that'll mark the first consistent block of 1000 along
the white line in a long while.

In a long while.

Wanna get this last 200 done in short order, then
soak it in for a couple weeks while doing TU work
in June and try to sharpen up some with shorter efforts
in between commitments.  And there's no real reason
right now, not a single goal really, other than improving.

And theres lot's of room for that, lots.

That was a peak experience a few years back,
no doubt. A hell of a ride to get there and doubt
I'll ever have that belly of fire to reach those heights
again....and that's life, enjoy it, appreciate it and give thanks.

It does feel good to be pedaling a bike for me
again, for my reasons, on my terms. It's been a
while, and the fishin's been good too...

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