qwik notes.

things I should write down.

Roxbury is tough fucking climb.
Gizmo stats showed sustained 15-16%
early on, then a ramp from 12ish up 15%
as you roll up thru the line cut.

274 is pretty steady, some 13-14%, but
nothing unexpected after descending
it a few times, just a steady grind.

Germantown.  oy, loose bullshit
scattered 'gravel' over hardpack.
hell of a climb regardless,
sustained 13-14% for the last
7 or 8 or so minutes with some
nice views to the left, will take
pics next time I drive it.

Horse Valley Run, it is my river Ganges.
Soak the legs, mile 65, reboot and shuffle
the deck. Have a snack at the store, then
75ish north until...that right turn.

74 South up over Tuscarora.....ouch.
It's a beast, in three parts.  Pitchy bits for
ten minutes on up around the left hand bend
until the tight right hander.  Tough kick to start,
13ish if I recall give or take, then the mid
section between hairpins is manageable,
steady 9ish recovery pitch for ten minutes
before the turn with three fun ramps that top
out at 14-15% just before rolling over the top.

Ride across a big rolling valley, things are
getting interesting...

Wagg's is Wagg's as pr usual, it sucks.
Even mores at 100miles in. The right leg
cramped up as the pitch steepened, been a
while for that classic scenario...pushed thru
it and still somehow set a Strava, PR....so
must be doing something right, I guess.....

having a good time regardless.

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