see, I got this new bike...

and I've been feelin' decent
enough on the Sunday rides
for the last couple weeks.

Mix in a handful of 2hr spins
one night a week from the Furnace
to get to know the new sled,
and why the hell not.?

Let's roll off the couch and do some racin'...

It was neat, lined up for the big boy
loop at Teaberry in the Vet class and
figured to ride a solid tempo, just see
where it puts me.

Start was good enough, slot into 2nd
wheel and roll it comfortably.  Hit the
first little climb, wait for the field to catch
me, feel no breaths down my neck, drop
into Stooges and try to play to some strengths.

then psssssssss....great, just flatted, kinda
early for this bullshit.  The fix took longer
than it should have, as always, and now
way back in the field, lonesome. May as
well get my chase on, see where it takes me.
Steady gunning tempo with some focus is the
name of the game, finally catching riders down
into the Narrows...then perform a sweet dismount
to face plant on rock.  Ouch, that'll leave a mark.

Check point one, finally.  Fill the bottles, qwik
bit of chit chat, smooch my honey and pedal on
up the hill.  Things are going well, and then another
flat on Tumbling Run, damnit. Many thanks to Greg
for the extra air supply. A bit qwicker fix and back
to reeling 'em in down Spooge.

Clueless about the aids, expected one at the
bottom of Southern Gas, dang.  Find a quiet
place and munch those carrots on up the hill
while Mr. Crampy starts tapping the hammies.
Long haul to the top, fill the bottles and start
catching more familiar faces, am I actually
riding back into this thing?  Interesting.

Try to make time across Rocky Ridge, make a pass
and try to ride like a hero.  Then fall over at 0mph.
Get up and rear wheel won't spin. What. the. fuck.
Oh, must've just knocked it loose in the frame....
Still won't spin.  Are you fucking kidding me?
I just taco'd my fucking wheel.  Great.

Get it off the bike, "what would Buck do?"
Find the highs and lows, find an appropriately
sized tree and put some weight into it, hear those
spokes go twang, do it again and slip it back into
the frame...wow, spinning clear now. Barely.
Well, now back to the task at hand, make up yet
more lost time. Clock's still ticking.

Groove the remaining bit of trail, make the turn
for home and battle that old foe Mr Crampy as the
trail turns up, every muscle between knees and hips
going into full revolt. Awesome.

Just pedal thru it, remember??? Remember?

ain't this fun.

Just keep on keepin' on and finally roll her
into the tent for a sub-5 finish.

Eyeball the board....5th vet? no. shit.

Then check the times...less than 2 minutes off the Vet podium??

Less than 2 minutes, are you fucking kidding me?

two flats, a trashed wheel and rolling a carcass that's
way above 'race weight', hmmmm....

Well, call it moral victory, drink some beers.

Maybe I'll do it again in another few years.

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