Montucky, it was good.


no worriyin'.

life was very good
for an extended spell.

caught some trouts
out of the Kootenai.
Feisty critters, fighting
above their weight class.
Make the local brownies
seem lazy in their subtle
limestone currents.

Caught my first cutthroat,
beautiful fish, though not quite
as vibrant as our native brookies.

Home is where the heart is.

Glacier National Park.....wowsers,
see it while the namesakes still exist,
clock is ticking. Go there and feel
insignificant, get up close and personal
with Mother Earth.  An amazing place,
an amazing time spent  with an amazing
lady. Lucky fella I am. We had a close
encounters with a pretty bold black
bear, were in close proximity to a
grizz and found mooses, sheeps,
interesting birds and curious critters
along the way. A pair of 8hr hikes up
into the high country along with a
shorter effort on day three plus just
enough car-bound sightseeing to
satiate our desires.

Good times.

pics on the Smug.


huber said...

Great photos!

Spice said...

Awesome photos.

Nothing beats Montana