been slackin' on this blog dilly,
but, guess that's how it goes.
find a nice rhythm, roll with it.

not much in the way of profound
shit to comment or spout about,
just livin' it the way I know, ya know?

which means fishin', ramping
up the ridin' a bit and living the
dream in good old Carlisletown.

pics are probably worth more
than words I figure...

diggin' the daylight savings,
means I can gear up on the
doorstep and walk to the Letort
for the evening rise. Tied a fresh
batch of flies, went for a stroll
and this fine brown sipped that
little #20 BWO no questions asked.
Now even more stoked on the
new location..

Neighbor's sketchy tree, neat to
look at, but on it's last legs for sure..

Sent a reel back for rework,
so pulled one of the antiques
of the mantel, worked well
enough for an afternoon of
exploring on the Letort.

Walking to market, took some
shots of the mermaid.

Been letting the yard do its
thing in the spring, curious
to see what all it will produce...

The 'cakes let me tag along on a ride...

Snuck over to Big Spring and
played with a few healthy 'bows.

And didya know I met a girl?
Yeah, she's pretty dang cool,
she also lets me tag along on
some rides, heading out on our
way down to Gettysburg...gotta
earn that Easter dinner.

To be continued...

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