fishin' again.

Well, with this less than fruitful
winter we've been having, with
a mtn bike in desperate need of
freshy bits and no desire to layer
up for road warrioring in the crisp
February breeze, it was back to the
trout stream.

Besides, I had a new stick to break
in. Saturday was sunny and breezy,
not exactly ideal for fishing tiny blue
winged olives on the Letort, but what
else ya gonna do? Did see a few bugs
in the air, saw all of four rises all day
along with some small black stones
flitting about. So I played a hunch and
got lucky, prospecting the water with
a buggy looking black caddis imitation.
Managed to bring one to hand, not
exceptional regarding the size, but at
least I didn't get skunked with the new rod.

Sunday was similar, but without the
breeze and much more relaxed mindset.
Used the new stick again, a 7'6"/4wt by
Matt Schliske from Colorado and really fell
for the rod. It handled the breeze surprisingly
well on Saturday, and in the calmer Sunday air,
it did everything I asked.

The calmer air helped keep the bugs
on the water and I found a bit more
success out in the Letort meadows.
Brought a bunch to hand on dries,
and one nice healthy 15"er on a
bwo nymph.

It's been neat to fish this stream more
in the winter, seeing it in a season when
I usually don't. Quite the interesting place,
lots to soak in out there.

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