WhiteGrass bound for the wknd,
Ullr is finally making a bit of a stay
with good timing to celebrate another
lap around the sun for the WiserWeiser.

snow was marginal with the expected
pockets of really good to be found.
bit of beta...always check out the
reliable spots first.

It's kinda neat how it all comes together
out on the trail, hooking up with various
folks out on their tours, us on ours and
being able to share some skiing through
out the day, introducing friends to the
little world of WhiteGrass.

Did some exploring and a bit of playing
in the meadows during the daylight, then
superb feasting and celebrating, apres'
cocktails and catching up with Iceboxers.

Good times.

Sure is a special place,
that Valley of Canaan.

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