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20011, recapped.

bought a new fishin' pole, first day of the year. then went skiing'. not as good as lastlast year, but significant smile factor, and it was good. fun at Whitegrass, tearing up CV w/ Abe, then try to pedal. fuck that, let's go fishing. go fishing, catch some trouts, see new places, lament high water, lots of fruitless road trips, ignoring flow gauges, hope for clarity. finally sulphurs on the Letort. Love the hatch, just tolerable early summer heat, mosquito battling, fishing into the darkness, casting on blind instinct, full moon if you hit it right. ride thru July, kick it with groovy Canaan Fest fun, then some semifatty road loops and a qwik overnight. Then back onstream for midsummer Letort trophy chasing and whiteflies on the Breeches. Get hair up my ass and buy a house. Jeseus, all grown up now and just like that, still blows my mind how it all came together. Seriously, blows. my. mind. fkna! hudge cashing of karma points...looking at a long spell of paying forward, that's how it works, do unto others, it all revolves around, gravity and shit. Then finally rode a bike like I thought I could on a few Sunday services, knee actually feeling kinda normal, cool, just in time for ski season...early Halloween snow didn't fool me, but did get out in it, which was a good thing, damn good thing. Funny how it all comes together. Lucky fella I am..

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camps said...

and gettin' luckier I'd say.
must be all that payin forward