was so fed up.

with mowing that fucking lawn.
(and it needs mowed again, damnit.
am diggin' the rain though,
makes trout happy.)

mowing somebody else's property.
ugh, too old for that shtick, did
enough of that shit as a kid.

fucking tired of it, time to invest in
myself. 3ish time warped weeks
later and now I'm buying my own
place...gettin' pinned at the dance
tomorrow, ahhhh Commitment.

just feels right. felt right, funny
background and all, I'll tell you
at the party....

trust your gut,
if it feels right,
do it.



brett said...

you should have one funky pad by the time you're done with it.

Mike said...

Shakin' up your life a little huh?

dougyfresh said...

congrats. i know its been a difficult search but you are there. enjoy it!