I bought a house!

For those not in the know,
spent the last month crossing i's
and dotting t's, moving paper from
A to B to C, damn glad it's all done.

ahh the American dream,
it's actually kinda cool...

and I'm only a block
from the Letort, pretty sweet.


Nevada said...

Looks great!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I like all that wood.

brett said...

very nice! like the floors, the fireplaces, and the stairs.

Chili said...

This is so coool... I told Rick about your house and he says, "now he gets to deal with maintenance, and lawn mowing, landscaping, and taxes, etc. etc." that Rick -- what a guy, huh?!

rousseau said...

Nicely done. Time to buy more stuff.

Randolph Coleson said...

Yeah, yeah, it does feel very cool to own a house and live there. Anyway, is that the front yard or back yard in the last pic? Either way, it seems pretty awesome to have so much nature outside.