a full wknd.

saw the call
go out for
Cupcake fieldtrip to
super fun Lykens. My
Honest wknd warrior status
feels me lacking for the Sunday
pace. Not really in the head to
be the wait for me guy, so make
field trip north to Coburn hamlet
on Saturday instead. It was cold
overnight, probably not too good
for the fishin', pretty though..

Stop in at the Feathered Hook,
pick up some knick-knacks,
waggle some rods, oohh, ahhh.
Catch up, grab some flies and
hit the water, checkbook unscathed..
Hope for heat of the day lunchtime
activity, but water is flowing plenty
good, really good. Dose of sketchy
wading, sit down for lunch..

Feel lucky to actually flush one nice
trout from a bankside eddy. Tie on
a big bright Patriot dry just to stretch
the legs on the 6wt, cast a longish
line until the fly and guides are iced
up, and then bag it for the day.

Swing back into the Hook, and won't
even try to justify it, but walked out
with a new 5' one pc 3wt to add to
the quiver. Will be putting a similar
stick back onto the market soon...or
maybe some skis/touring bags/misc
gear, etc...stay tuned.

Sunday....here's proof that I do still
ride a bike. However, after scoping
out this stream, I bee lined the white
line macadam groove back to the
car to re-rig and get on that water.
Pedal strokes is pedal strokes right now...

Only found one willing playmate in
that realm today, a healthy, colorful
wild brown, what a nice fish, especially
on the new rod. Wish him well back into
the currents, back into one of the first
mtn Runs I'd ever fished, good times.

Can't wait for the temps to come up
just that little bit...feels a bit chilly yet.

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