an affliction...

if you ever start fly fishing,
do yourself a favor and stay
away from bamboo rods.

don't ever cast one, don't
ever allow yourself to
fall under their spell.
because once you do...

I wonder how I can do
this, the damn things ain't
cheap, that's for sure.
But when you're not
budgeting all that dough
to chase number plated
glories, and the bike
frames are still under

So, why the fuck not?

Why fish with mandralled
robotic autoclave plastique?
I don't ride plastique bikes,
why on Earth would I fish
plastic rods?

Those beautiful trouts,
their homes, deserve more
respect than that. From the
Earth, to the Earth. It's where
we come from, it's where we
eventually end up...well, at
least that's the plan for
this carcass. Who knows
where the energy goes...

May as well use a tool
that encompasses a bit
of love in its creation, rather
than cold machine made
spec'd out marketing profit

One of these days, I'll hopefully
be building my own...but until then.

The latest addition, built by a
master in the '70s....damn she
throws a wonderfully smooth
line, can't wait to introduce her
to the Letort:

And a family photo,
serial digits are within
30 of each other, and the
wraps are even a match...if
I ever find their long lost 7' 4wt
sibling, does she even exist?

well, that'd be pretty sweet.

oh, have been pedaling the
Jabberfixy recently, Vista trail
is now a bit longer than before,
if you know where to look....

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