just around the bend..

Wellllll, looking at forecasts
along with the calender...sensing
the vibe that Winter might be
wrapping up pretty directly. A
shift in the pattern is coming,
a lasting shot of warm air is on
the way and we'll be into March
soon enough.

I guess that's good and bad,
depending on whether or not
you managed to top off your
powder fix for the year...I think
I have. Definitely keeping an
eye open for one last shot of
March snow...but the 40deg
sunshine on Sunday found me
cruising over to a local trout
stream instead of the lift
serve circus.

I imagine there was spring snow
to play on, but I had a new rod
that needed to be fished and
some freshly tied patterns to
try out. Missed a few hookups,
then found a pod of brookies to
harass. Can't think of a better
way to break in a new rod, nice
way to start the new season...

Man I love those colors, my favorite fish.

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