boxes of bugs....

never really did much
on the yaBe until I got
back into all of this fishin'

have always liked the vintage
stuff, picked up another old
box of flies. this one is another
1920's era Wheatley, w/ 'vintage'
flies. It's 16 compartments with
felt in the lid..pretty much all of
the flies were 'meh' and I doubt
I'll use any of them...but the box
is plenty serviceable.

then there's this find that just
arrived today. The Wheatley
32 compartment is often called
the 'Rolls Royce' of fly boxes,
and for good reason.

Have always wanted one, amazing
capacity, great style and they'll last
forever, see the above 80+yr old box.
Picked up these two for a song, less
than retail for a single new one.
Granted, one is missing 2 doors....no biggie.

And the dang thiings were filled
with flies. Filled. And not with
somebody's old junk, packed with
quality flies that I'll actually use.
Well, maybe not all of those marabou
jigs, but the other 150 or so flies will
probably find their way tied to end of
a leader at some point. Got a bit of
sorting and re-reorganizing to do.

I think I actually got a pretty
good deal this time 'round.

But first, I have a wknd date with
some brushes and a roller or two...

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