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Website ideas, sometimes it's easier when I write it down? #brainfarting

And even if you can read my scribble...whatev's. And that's the thing, sorta, but not really...whatev's, meh. I've always held CVTU in the highest regard. 
I see it everyday, first thing in the morning, vintage CVTU hangs on my walls, decor from the bed to the bathroom. The legacy fills my bookshelves. It's not just about being able to catch a trout here or there in the here and now. It's about legacy as much as what can we do next? what do we need to do next, what needs to be done now? 
Which is why I get so strung out, so stressed and...well...you know, ya'll have seen it . This Presidenting gig isn't just about 'my' agenda...it's about carrying that torch that's been handed down...all the way down from Mr. Fox, 50-60 years worth. And preserving that legacy and doing right by it, by him and all of them whose shoulders I/we stand upon.  
Look, I know I'm rough around edges, I know I should bite my tongue at times and just go to bed....but this is a passion, which I don't take lightly, and don't ever expect to, and when I do, I'm done, when I don't care enough, I shouldn't be in charge. Isn't that a given?....ohhh to be where I was 10yrs ago, 37yr old peak bike racer....but tis what I is & tis where I'm at, because to be so otherwise would be a disservice...not like I just stumbled into this. So I soldier on, do the best to stay true, continue fighting the good fight and maybe even sneak in a bike ride or actually go fishin' every once in a while. Because, what else can you do?
I've got untold respect for the shoes I try to fill, only hope I do them justice....time will tell I guess.

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