what season?

winter, spring. spring, winter-ish. cooooool spring.
Boy that was an odd jumpstart?
Freakish snows, followed by a few
days in the 80's. now consistent 60's,
if that. and some rain...fishing heats
up, fishing dies down.

 riding warms up, riding remains the
same. fluxious states, eh? riding has
been spring like, but with another
year on the tally. oy.  (and by 'spring
like' I mean fat & slow, double 'oy')

 fishin' has been up and down. Love
hitting a winter hatches on the Letort.
 But, boy, she gets tedious here for a
spell before the sulphurs kick in a few
weeks. Then it's a sweet month plus
of twilight dry fly heaven.

 There are the classiques while ridin' bikes,
and then there's the sulphur hatch for us
workaday fly fishin' types. Punch the clock,
get home and sip a beer while preppin' gear,
then hit the water 6:30-7ish and fish well into
the darkness. Perfect.

Grannoms & Hendricksons on the Breeches have
been a fun distraction recently. Snuck up to the
Little J. chasing the tail end of the grannom hatch
for a birthday treat. Was told I missed the hot action
of the day while on the water, but still managed two
feisty trouts to hand and stung one other in the few
hours I visited. Definitely on par with the passer's by
beta, so not sure what I missed...

Water sure was flowing up there, post wknd ride
legs had me question a few swift current wading
decisions, but managed to stay dry, whew. Ahh spring... 

Otherwise, I've tied some flies,
for T.U. Getting more involved,
putting money to mouth where
it is or something. Time to just
simply get more involved and
try to have an actual influence,
time's now. Time, Time, time.

 We'll see, how it all works.

In the mean time, I'm on paper for
(3) dozen size 16 Adams. (And some
days spent streamside helping out..)

18 down, 18 to go.

I love fishing this fly, but I don't think I've
ever tied 36 of one pattern in my life, evah.
I tie 3 or so of what I just ran out of, then
go fishing... And I gotta follow the recipe
on this one, and I'm going from memory, hmmm.

 Looks like an Adams to me, I'd fish 'em.

 Oh, and here's a bit of a pleasant surprise,
entered a picture into a contest..took second place...dang.
Ain't never done something like that before....won me
a new flyrod for my ladyfriend.

 Here's the pic if'n you're curious: