the human body is pretty cool.
especially if you pay attention
to it, have payed attention to it.

funny what a little 'base' can do.
just the slightest hint gives you
that oomph to giddy up on out
of slum tempo slotting in. get on
up there and run w/ them dogs
into that blurred fringe world.

Pretty cool what just a handful
of hour plus Carlisle townie fitness
path spinny spins on the Jabber
can do. Just get out and ride the
bike. No kit worries, low prep
round town spinnin'. Tie the
laces, roll the pant leg and
find the gloves. Out the door
easy as that.

Easy as that to enter back into
that interestingly ironic pain for
pleasure cave of not quite over
the head, instinctual floating
zombie head flow that comes
when the pieces fall into place.

Right place,
right time,
right people.

thanks everbody, felt
good to let that shit rip,
it's been awhile.

too long.

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