ohhhh, just more of the same old same old.
I wish I lived somewhere cool, where I could
do cool rad stuff, man PeeYay sure sux.

3am Saturday commute, first light on Penn's
at five. Eventually harass a few feisty trouts
with a decent rally over craneflies from 8ish
to ten or so, back on shore around 10:30 once
the action subsides. Snack on a sandwich and
make a change of kit.

hop on the skinny tires, time to go exploring.
Circumnavigate the southern tier of the Bald
Eagle, lots of sweet pave' thru the forest and
a hidden climb towards the end to keep it
honest...home just in time for socializing
best I could at Dickerson Bluegrass Festy
before a steak off the grill and big ZZZzzz's.

5.5 on the stream + 5.5 in the saddle
= lazy Tour watching start to the day,
easing into it....ended up going to a
favorite spot in the Tuscarora, love
that forest, beautiful place.

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