Sunday ride.

hey, I'm not attacking,
just trying to hold on.

just trying to hold my
spot in line...

hey, I'm not attacking,
just didn't wanna hold
you guys up thru there.

hey, I'm not attacking....

but the fact is, sometimes I
thoroughly enjoy pedaling
like a crazed Jedi ninja thru
the woods with nose to chin
snot droolping onto stem.

it's a pace which is really
only found within a group.

somebody is always willing
to go fast, just for the sake
of going fast....we all have a
bit of RickyBobby in us, admit it.

A chance to explore that twisted
numb mental state of full body
tingliness...where the only thoughts
involve pedaling and breathing.

and going f.a.s.t.

instinct handles the rest.
rocks, roots, it's all about
hitting the 'bright spots'....

keep it honest, and if you
or when I blow up, pull
over, let that train roll
by, then run the sweep.

tag, I'm it.

regroup on up ahead there.
refuel, enjoy a beer perhaps,
enjoy mother nature, clouds,
sun, ridgetops and conversations
that inevitably explore the
crudeness of cruditude.

A jar of what?


And then back into it, fucking
pedaling with abandon back
into that floating smiley face
balloon mode trying to hold
on until you simply can't stand
it. done, fini, cracked, cooked.

good times, felt good
to get out & breath.

is winter coming already?