I should write something.

Really I should,
but just not
in the mood.

Keep missing big fish.
Hooking, but not landing,
rookie mistakes bullshit.
Add in infinite refusals on
theLetort, testing my patience,
so taking a break from those
beats, letting it rest, letting
it happen. Mtn brookie streams
are low, low, low and warmish,
they have been and I miss the
spring lushness.

At least the whitefly is
on on the Breeches.

Fucking politics puts
me in a foul mood,
fucking corporate beasts
ruling our world. If I find
that soapbox....look out.

Obama = Big disappointment,
dude has no balls. Shocking,
a neutered politician who doesn't
keep promises....

On the plus side, The Knee is
feeling marginally better, Sunday
bake sales keeping me connected.
Have a plan for a geared skinny
tired option, spin spin spin w/
coasting ability to help me shed
some of this acquired weight of
laziness, tune the system a little
bit maybe and not be a total slob
when winter finally rolls around.

Skied Squaw in my dreams the
other night, schralping fresh
groovy fluffiness, it was good
times, The Knee was solid for skiing....

The deductible that the magnets
require is a bitch hurdle to overcome,
fucking healthcare bullshit, clock is ticking.

But what are you gonna do?

meh, summer doldrums, yippee!


Jacob said...

Sounds like you are a teabagger. Who knew!

Tomi said...

no, definitely not one of that bigoted ignorant crowd...just don't get why he doesn't stand up and fight for what he campaigned on, he'll never satisfy and will always be shouted down by the Faux News/Teabagging right, no matter what...so why not go after the public option, closing Gitmo, ending DADT, a real energy policy, a real economic plan/reform, and then there's the extension/enhancement of Bush regime policies...Afghanistan, habeus corpus, the ever expanding security state, corporate fealty, etc, etc, etc....and then his fucking spokesman, along with numerous 'anonymous white house sources', talks shit about the very people who got him elected...

Mike said...

I'm with you that he will never get one iota of cooperation from the Party of No and that he should just say FU and move on.

But "magnets?" Dude, I thought that you were a scientist!

We'll raise a glass to you in Beck next week.