where it's at,
how it is.

Was up on Martha's namesake
island for a bit of a celebration,
our boy Jake got hitched, took
the proverbial plunge. Congrats
you crazy kids!

Good times living with no
worries for a few pampered
days. Eating well, getting in
a bit of fishing in the salt, one
small blue in the boat, spinning
geared skinny tires off the back
and keeping it realz on the dance
floor. Gonna be a hard to top that one...

The 'cake road ride finished with
a ceremonial plunge, jumping off
the Jaw's bridge, wheeeee!...Really
wanna rewatch that classic movie
now. Lots of history on that small
chunk of land.

Couldn't hang for shit on the
ride though, more than just
an out of tune motor, sensations
from the gimped up hinge in
my leg aren't exactly confidence
inspiring when screws are turned.
Time for some serious considerations,
the R&R regime helps, is helping,
but I'm feeling that it's gonna take
some actual professional attention.
Was just a matter of time....can still
turn pedals at my gimp pace, can
still hike & explore the cold meadow
and mountain creeks where the
trouts are still eating bugs, so it's
all good.

To those at the TdB, miss ya'll,
much love, catch ya on the flip
side.....sure didn't miss those
five hike a bikes today.

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