at the bar...

this conversation I had tonight....I've got something to say about that.

I think I made a point.

We talked about 'taking out the bad guys.' My new friend also talked about building 'community' and how that is the answer to gun control....pare it down and it sounds an awful lot like local militia type stuff...but anyways.....talkin' about taking out the bad guys, put a bullet in their head, meth head/dealer/druggie/lowlife...dude had lived in some rough neighborhoods, bullet in the head, that is the prescription, regardless.

OK then.

Terrorists are bad guys too, right? We can all agree to that....

9/11 was how long ago?

And our response was?

"Bullet in the head" for the most part.

So we went in there, and put a bullet in the head of all of those extremists.

And you know what? Those extremists had families, just as all those meth heads, crack dealers and druggie lowlifes do.

How old do you think those 4, 5, 10 & 12 year olds are now? How do you think those kids view this world of ours? Those kids who saw their world bombed back to the middle ages or who saw their Uncle's wedding get drone striked...what do you think those kids are up to today?

What do you think those kids are up to, today?