so that was a pretty dark month,
now going on two I guess.

talk about a paradigm shift,
upheaval sort of shit.  I know
there are still some angry demons
that'll rear their heads, but
pretty sure I purged a lot out of the


Finally, can't imagine swinging
thru much lower than that, good times.

Turns out that at 45 I can still
drink my face off until 2am,
sleep 4hrs and pull off a successful
event the next day.

It's almost like I intentionally tried
to sabotage the day, as some sort of
personal challenge. A complete
no fucks given attitude, because
honestly? I couldn't have.  But be
responsible cuz I am, push thru it,
do the job, and it all works out.
Folks go home happy, sponsors
impressed, lookin' even better for
next year...

It all works out, that's how it works.
Always has, always will, recognize.

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